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The Bruce Swaim Quartet has recorded four albums;

Lucky Strikes, Winter’s Waltz, My Heart Stood Still, and Greener Pastures.

“Winter’s Waltz” and “My Heart Stood Still” both received awards from the Washington Area Music Association for jazz recording of the year.

These recordings are available on Amazon Music, Itunes, and Spotify. Search for Bruce Swaim Quartet.

“Lucky Strikes”, the debut album contains 2 originals and arrangements of tunes by other composers.

1) Mine Not Yours (Bruce Swaim), 2) Velas (Ivan Lins), 3) Hallucinations (Bud Powell),

4) Blame It On My Youth (Oscar Levant),  5) Litha (Chick Corea), 6) Blue (Bruce Swaim),

7) Up With The Lark (Jerome Kern), 8) Spontaneous Combustion (Julian Adderly),

9) Captain Marvel (Chick Corea)

“Winter’s Waltz”, the second recording by the group features a program of all original compositions by Bruce Swaim and Jay Cooley.

1) Bonanza (Swaim), 2) Winter’s Waltz (Cooley), 3) Two Face (Swaim), 4) Sisters (Cooley), 5) Citra (Swaim), 6) Hidden Blessings (Cooley), 7) Low Rent Samba (Swaim), 8) Equal Parts (Cooley), 9) Waltz For Correine (Swaim), 10) Southpause (Cooley)

“My Heart Stood Still”, the third release by the group once again features a mix of originals and arrangements of other composers.

1) Keep Left (Cooley), 2) My Heart Stood Still (Rodgers & Hart), 3) Baby (Swaim),

4) Mayrah (Horace Silver), 5) Silent Chime (Cooley), 6) Mitch (Cooley), 7) Sound For Sore Ears (Jimmy Heath),  8) Four Step Shuffle (Swaim)

“Greener Pastures”, the fourth and most recent release by the group is all original except for two pieces; “I’m A Dreamer Aren’t We All”  (a song from the 1920’s severely rearranged), and a lovely little known ballad by Cedar Walton titled “I’ll Let You Know”

1) I’m A Dreamer Aren’t We All (DeSylva, Brown, Henderson), 2) Para Amma (Cooley),

3) Warlock (Swaim), 4) Soon To Be Ancestors (Swaim), 5) Fifth Day (Swaim), 6) Like Stone And Stars (Cooley), 7) Say No More (Swaim), 8) I’ll Let You Know (Cedar Walton),

9) Greener Pastures (Swaim)

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